Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I do at work....

Shindesan here! and I suck at drawing and I suck at jokes but meh.... ITS my Blog... hahahaha
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Monday, July 16, 2007


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Well I finally picked up the follwing game... Guilty Gear Judgment. After I had it on reserve for well over a year and a half... to quote the Gamestop employee... "Whoa, WTF?!"

Yeah well anyway I've been playing it here and there and to my surprise its essentially two games in one, one of which is simply Guilty Gear X2 #Reload something or other. Which is the standard GG we've all come to grow on, furthermore it includes the actual title game. which is pretty much a sidescrolling beat 'em up. I like it thus far which for me is a plus on the PSP considering I hardly ever use it.

More info on the game as soon as I get a decent amount of it completed.


Hello again,
The Great One speaking.
Well I go by Shindesan now. so... eh.
I have not been updating as I claimed I would be. so for that I am Sorry.
I will be posting some comix and some photos!

so..... KEEP checking us out.

BTW, Ratatouille for the PSP. Awesome game!! Go buy!!! Go Play!! Go now!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Well it's been almost three months since having my PS3 and thus far not actual games for it yet. However, i have been able to give the internet browser a fairly well run through in the past weeks, and needless to say its a fairly well browser. Built upon the same style of that of the PSP, it's PS3 counterpart does load pages fairly quicker and more efficiently, as well as providing the option to display all the pages in queue.

Unfortunately this will not be an article of how the browser does, but merely a rant at a mysterious problem has arisen regarding a few choice sites I would regularly visit from time to time.

Sites like Kotaku and Animeviewer just cease to work on my PS3, although they used to work quite well and efficiently. As far as digging into this matter, Ive already scoured forum posts on the PS boards ... needless to say there have been some similar accounts for this type of problem but no resolution. So I will keep checking and contact Sony to see whether or not this is a quick fix or some larger issue that has to be dealt with.

Until later.

(< o o o

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to Start...

Ok. So it has been what seems far too long for a post to go by. My initial thoughts on actually starting up this blog were to provide you (the gaming public) with as much content to offer as I possibly could. Yet, however, this has obviously not happened... so here I go again, I will try not for a daily multi-post but more of a when I feel like it style. So hopefully i can get into the sort of groove one needs to get enthusiastic about things once more... soooooo lets bring on the content.

On a side note, I must also bring in thegreatone as well to try and tear herself away from random anime goodness during work to try and post here too...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

NAKED!!!!!!! NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!! NAKED!!!!!!!

Ahh hello!!
I am The Great One! I'm also doing reviews for O.I. Let me just start off with my BIO.
AHem, I eat, play games, work, play games, sleep, play games, pee, play games. It's a fabulous life! oh indeed!

Our reviews will be accurate and interesting. Hopefully we will make friends and compete someday! if not. screw it. Come visit anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!! or ELSE!! go back to Myspace! ja!!!!

Candy Goodness

Well it's probably best to just experience this for yourself... if your the dancing coordinator, candy filled animal loving type.

Dancin Candy


So this will be the start of what I soon wish to be another source of gaming news, with snippets here and there of unrelated material that at the very least promises to be somewhat intelligent... well at the very least entertaining.

As far as cotent goes for this place goes, once we are fully up and running we will try and provide reviews for new and otherwise not so new games, and at the very least take requests to try out a few games here and there just in case you're not sure if you feel like ponying up that hard earned cash of yours just quite yet. Of course news will also be a high priority among us here at O.I. whether, or not you've seen it somewhere else first will be an entirely different story, but we will try and keep it somewhat new for ya. Also make sure to look forward to a comic being put up here in the near future (oddly enough) entitled Impressions.

So without any further delay, I welcome you all to O.I.
Now let me get back to working on getting this place up to snuff.